Z’s Original Mustard Hot Sauce

This one is perfect to put a little pep into your Summer BBQ. The mustard based sauce from Z’s is vaguely based on Carolina style mustard sauce. I say vaguely, as the texture and taste take a nod from the classic BBQ staple before heading on the their own merry way.

The sauce is thicker than typical BBQ mustard sauces that tend to be runnier. The flavor profile is similar, but orders of magnitude spicier. This is a de facto HOT sauce. Use it sparingly unless you’re a true chilli head. There’s a trio of chilis here: Fresno, Serrano, and Habanero. They’re nicely balanced by some sharp white wine vinegar.

The hot sauce is vegan friendly too, so if you’re whipping up a vegetarian friendly BBQ plate this Summer (like we did here below) this is the perfect match!

Purchase this one from their Etsy.com store (we get a referral fee if you make a purchase).

Vegetarian BBQ plate with Z's Original Mustard Hot Sauce
Vegetarian BBQ plate with Z’s Original Mustard Hot Sauce
Z's Original Mustard Hot Sauce nutrition
Z’s Original Mustard Hot Sauce nutrition

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