Z’s N.E. Carolina style BBQ sauce

Z’s N.E. Carolina style BBQ sauce

This vinegar based sauce is such a versatile performer, I use it in a number of dishes. As you will see in the picture above, there’s a lot of particulants in this one, so you will want to give it a thorough shake before use. Once you’ve done that you will be rewarded with a sharply acidic splash able sauce that’s packed with a mild heat, mainly black-pepper forward.

I use this in quite a few dishes:

  • Added to black beans with garlic, onions, bell peppers
  • As a good punch to pinto beans for home made BBQ beans
  • Splashed over raw veggies like cabbage to add bite to a side dish
  • In tomato based sauces that need just a little pick me up or punch

Purchase this one from their Etsy.com store (we get a referral fee if you make a purchase).

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