NY Style Pastrami at Caputo’s

NY style pastrami from Caputo's in SLC

In the deli case at any Caputo’s location you’ll find a great array of deli meats. On the whole the offering skews toward Italian and pork based product, those that make up a traditional charcuterie board.

Amongst them though, is this fabulous NY style pastrami, available for 8.49/lb at the time of writing.

The cured and smoked beef is in the traditional NY style with judicious amounts of black pepper rub. The flavor is spot on, lots of garlic, coriander and mustard. This isn’t a delicate. There’s quite a decent amount of fat on this particular product that may or may not be your cup of tea.

Us? We just render it down in the pan and use to make the perfect Utah pastrami burger:

Utah pastrami burger with Caputos pastrami
Utah pastrami burger with Caputos pastrami

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