Free Utah restaurant QR menus

Looking to put your restaurant menu online? Looking to get one of those fancy QR codes to give to your guests? How about saving some cash while you’re at it too?

Let us help you and put your restaurant menu online for free, here on Wait, free? Yep you read that right. If you’re a small restaurant we’re happy to help you free of charge. Just email your menu to and we will get to work ASAP. We can set you up with a fast touchless menu online quick and seamlessly.

O.k. what will you do?

On receipt of the menu we will convert the contents to text. From there we will create a menu page on our website for your restaurant (see the QR code below) and load your menu onto that. You can then give this to your customers for a contactless menu. Some businesses like to then post these QR codes on their restaurant doors/walls or use them as stickers on tabletops for example.

By converting your restaurant menu to text (not a PDF, Google Drive file, large image) the touchless QR menu will be lightning fast. It will load on virtually every device out there and minimize technical support requests from your service staff – who are already very busy right now.

Anything I need to do?

We’d recommend printing out a couple copies of your menu in a basic fashion too. If you like just print out the final menu webpage we create for you. Maybe there’s an outage in your area, maybe its just one cell provider, maybe you have a customer without a phone; whatever the reasons it’s always wise to have a fallback menu just in case.

You’ll also need to take care of any printing of materials, including printing out any QR codes for your tables, restaurant, stickers etc. We can send you the QR code right away.

Example QR code for restaurant menu

Go ahead and scan this on your smart phone and open the link you’re given. This will load you an example menu. We could do this for you – absolutely free of charge.

Example QR code

Who and what are

This website is part of the A Matter Of Taste group of websites that includes local publications such as,,, and many more. Our touchless menu hosting is our way of giving back to the industry – at a time when many are struggling. Don’t waste money on complex or expensive solutions. Let us help for free.

Seriously free?

If you’re a smaller, single location business, absolutely. This is our way of giving back and supporting a community that’s struggling right now. If you’re a larger business, have multiple locations or need something complex, you’re probably already using one of the paid services out there.

Our goal is to keep the service free for as long as we can, but we do reserve the right to remove, or levy a fee at a later date, should we need to.