Feldman’s Deli style Reuben sandwich

Feldmans Deli style reuben

If you ever need to turn that frown upside, there’s better guarantee of success than a sandwich from Feldman’s Deli. My favorite is the reuben, or to be more precise the reuben that subs pastrami for corned beef – because who doesn’t want more flavor right.

To make this classic sandwich you will need:

  • Jewish rye bread
  • Pastrami
  • Sauerkraut
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Russian Dressing

I used Harmon’s for the pastrami here, their Boar’s Head brand at all locations is a solid deli meat. Far better than the plasticky nonsense you’ll find in presealed packages. Bonus points for the fact you can get the slices extra thick cut, perfect to lend the bite and chew you want in this sandwich.

For the Jewish rye, Orowheat have a decent version that’s available in most Utah stores. It is a relatively thin sliced loaf so do be aware. The rest of the ingredients can be grab from pretty much anywhere. I used the Clausen’s brand kraut here, it’s a very mild product and doesn’t upstage the pastrami.

My top tip for this one: when layering your sandwich toppings, start with the pastrami or corned beef on the outside of both slices of bread. Add the dressing next (hey go wild and use fry sauce, you’re in Utah!) and lastly the sauerkraut in the center. By building your reuben this way, you keep the wetter ingredients away from the rye bread and don’t risk a soggy mess – trust me – I’ve been there.

Pastrami reuben interior
Pastrami reuben interior
Feldmans style reuben close up
Feldmans style reuben close up

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