Copper Onion style Mushrooms, Eggs and Potatoes

Copper Onion style Mushrooms, Eggs and Potatoes

When the Copper Onion opened in downtown SLC, it was for many, a watershed moment in the local food scene. Head chef and owner Ryan Lowder’s return from NYC was seen as the turning point for chef-driven menus, in a town famously known for its love of chain restaurants.

A dish on the opening night menu – their spectacular egg, mushroom and potato dish – remains to this very day. That’s testament to the simplicity of a plate that simply brings together a few basic ingredients from local suppliers and handles them with care.

Copper Onion’s version uses eggs from famed local farm Clifford Family Farms. I couldn’t quite source those myself, so used Oakdell Farms; somewhat larger in scale than Clifford, but still local, and still committed to humane practices.

Matchstick potatoes provide the foundation for the dish, followed by sautéed mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are cooked, in the same pan garlic and parsley are fried with quality olive oil that serves as the finishing flourish to those farm fresh eggs.

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