Best burger in Utah

Utah pastrami burger with Caputos pastrami

This might be on of the hottest debated food questions in Utah, who exactly has the best burger? We’ve eaten a lot of burgers to bring you the defacto answer. And, we mean a lot of burgers; check out our work here – see – a LOT of burgers.

1 – Copper Onion

The fancy schmancy American bistro in downtown SLC takes the prize for us. The in house ground meat of their signature burger is simple perfect. It’s a beautiful mix of savory and fatty and yes – they’ll cook it to order. It’s plated simply without too many toppings and in our mind is a piece of burger heaven.

2 – Warren’s Craft Burger

Over in Ogden Utah you will find this underrated burger business. Warren’s has an extensive menu with plenty of fun creations – the breakfast burger anyone. There are always cool specials and everything is hands down delicious.

3 – BGR

Burgers Grilled Right located in Sugar House is a mini boutique chain, but their burgers are fantastic and cooked to order. Also check our the

4 – Crown Burgers

When the craving hits for Utah’s signature pastrami burger, there are few better than Crown Burgers namesake burger. It’s a messy, smokey, savory, juicy bundle of calories. Nothing quite compares.

5 – Shooting Star Saloon

Head to Huntsville Utah and you will find Utah’s oldest bar, some say the oldest West of the Mississipi. The old timey building, the crazed interior, the cash only menu – it all adds to the atmosphere. That makes the bar’s signature Shooting Star burger just that bit more delicious.