Beltex Meats brined turkey

Beltex Meats brined turkey

Looking for the very best turkey in Utah? The very best turkey for your Thanksgiving or Christmas table? Look no further than Beltex Meats in Salt Lake City. If you’re a Utah foodie I am guessing you’ve heard plenty about the boutique butcher opposite Liberty Park; I’m here to confirm their product lives up to all the hype and then some!

This Beltex seasonal special is boned and brined in house. It’s also rubbed with herbs and compound butter stuffed under the skin – ensuring the bird bastes as it cooks. Essentially, the turkey is ready to go into the oven the moment you bring it home – no defrosting anxiety here.

How much is a Beltex Meats turkey? This year I paid about $90 for a bird that was a little under 12 pounds, making for around $8 per pound. It’s definitely the priciest turkey I’ve ever bought, but absolutely worth every penny. The flavor on the finished product is night and day better than any other turkey I’ve tried, including plenty at fancy restaurants.

The brining does make for a slightly saltier finish, but it also results in a truly juicy bird, that’s absolutely packed with stunning flavor. I cooked mine for about three hours give or take; 13 minutes per pound at 350F, half of that time covered in foil, half open, adding a little water to the roasting tray to prevent the fat from burning.

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